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Supercharge your daily routine with Fabulous Moi -
world's first scientifically-formulated Daily Super Shot designed to support your body in five different ways.


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Boost Your Day: Enhance Brain Health, Sustain Energy All Day, Stress Less & Glow More!

Start your morning refreshed, and enjoy clarity and sustained energy all day with Fabulous Moi Daily Super Shots - setting a new standard in wellness. It's a precise mix of ARTG-listed vitamins, minerals, nootropics, and clinically-studied PEPTAN® B Hydrolysed Collagen, formulated to offer multiple benefits.

Begin by boosting brain health, keeping you sharp and focused, ready to take on the rest of your day with ease. Our Daily Super Shots also help reduce stress, ensuring a calm and productive day while enhancing your brain and gut health.

But the perks don't end there! Discover an outer glow with Fabulous Moi, promoting collagen formation for radiant skin, healthy hair, and sturdy joints. Experience energy like never before while also strengthening your immune system.

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Beyond Just Wellness Shots

Essential Wellness from Within, For a Coffee's Price

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Fabulous Moi®
Daily Super Shot

  • Enhance
    Brain Health
  • Support Energy
  • Promote Collagen
  • Maintain Gut
  • Enhance

Alternative Brands/Products

  • Brain Drink$6.00 - $7.00
  • Productivity
    $3.30 - $8.00
  • Collagen Shot$3.80 - $6.00
  • Gut Shot$3.50 - $4.00
  • Vitamin Pack$2.70 - $3.00

Fabulous Moi Daily Super Shots are listed in the ARTG, AUST L 399775 & 399776.

Hydrolysed Collagen

  1. Helps enhance/promote healthy joint function

Hydrolysed Collagen, Vitamin C:

  1. Helps enhance/promote collagen formation
  2. Maintain/support collagen formation
  3. Maintain/support collagen health
  4. Helps enhance/promote skin health

Globe Artichoke:

  1. Helps enhance/promote healthy digestive system function

Vitamin C, Zinc:

  1. Enhance/improve/promote immune defence/immunity

Ginkgo Biloba:

  1. Maintain/support brain health
  2. Brain tonic/enhance brain health
  3. Decrease/reduce/relieve symptoms of stress

Vitamin B2 & B12:

  1. Maintain/support energy production

Vitamin B2 & B12, Ginkgo Biloba:

  1. Maintain/support general health and wellbeing

Vitamin C, Zinc, Iron, Biotin:

  1. Helps enhance/promote hair health

Our Story

The Best of Moi (/mwa/) is a Sydney-based sustainable consumer goods company with a mission to create the consumer brands of the future. As Australia's first plastic-free and carbon-neutral wellness brand, we're committed to using eco-friendly materials and responsible sourcing to create truly unique and enjoyable products.

As part of our mission, we're thrilled to introduce Fabulous Moi, our first sub-brand specialising in premium and science-backed dietary supplements that promote better health and wellbeing. Join us on our mission to create a better world through sustainable consumer goods, starting with Fabulous Moi. Choose our premium supplements to support your health and the planet, all while enjoying the benefits of science-backed ingredients.

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