Our Story

Building sustainable consumer brands
that positively impact people's lives.

Who We Are

The Best of Moi (/mwa/) is a Sydney-based sustainable consumer goods company with a mission to create the consumer brands of the future. As Australia's first plastic-free and carbon-neutral wellness brand, we're committed to using eco-friendly materials and responsible sourcing to create truly unique and enjoyable products.

We're proud to have raised the largest pre-seed funding for direct-to-consumer brands in Australia, a total of $850,000, backed by a group of serial entrepreneurs and venture investors who share our common goal: to build sustainable consumer brands that positively impact people's lives. This funding gives us the leverage to refine all touchpoints of our offering, from product development to customer experience.

As part of our mission, we're thrilled to introduce Fabulous Moi, our first sub-brand specialising in premium and science-backed dietary supplements that promote better health and wellbeing. Join us on our mission to create a better world through sustainable consumer goods, starting with Fabulous Moi. Choose our premium supplements to support your health and the planet, all while enjoying the benefits of science-backed ingredients.

Why We Are Different

The Best of Moi's products are made for busy people like you. We have the drive to do things differently, and we're home to several sub-brands of health, wellness, and lifestyle products that are purpose-driven.

Sustainability is at the heart of our business; we strive to create innovative products that are not only functional but also use minimal energy and water. We also like to collaborate with and invest in leading carbon-neutral projects to offset the carbon footprint of our products during the manufacturing and delivery process.

To ensure that every product you buy is safe and effective, we've made a pledge to only use premium quality ingredients in our science-backed formulations.

Our History

Dec 2020

The Best of Moi concept is born

Nov 2021

Fabulous Moi Daily Super Shot is formulated

May 2022

$850,000 is raised, backed by investors

Nov 2022

First batch of Fabulous Moi Daily Super Shot is produced

March 2023

Official release of Fabulous Moi Daily Super Shot