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Fabulous Moi Daily Super Shot (Lemon & Lime)

Lemon & Lime

10 x 40ml Bottles

$46.71 - $58.00

Fabulous Moi Daily Super Shot (Mixed Berry)

Mixed Berry

10 x 40ml Bottles

$46.71 - $58.00

Fabulous Moi Daily Super Shot (Bulk Buy Offer) - Pack (Berry + Lime Flavour)

Lemon & Lime + Mixed Berry

(Berry + Lime) Packs

$104.40 $46.71 - $104.40

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200+ ★★★★★ Reviews

A Boost of Energy and Wellness

“I've been taking the Fabulous Moi daily shot for a few weeks now and i can definitely feel the difference in my energy levels and overall wellbeing, which is much needed as a mum of 2 young kids and a busy full time job.”

Manisha Lee
Full-Time Working Mum

A Part of My Everyday Self-Care Routine

“Not only physically I feel better after drinking them but also they help me gain my mental clarity and reduce brain fog. They quickly became my foundations in life like sleep, healthy eating and exercise.”

Joanna Ponahajba
Healthcare Professional

The Only Supplement I Need

“As someone who hates taking multiple pills every day, the Fabulous Moi Daily Super Shot is a game-changer. With 11 active ingredients, including globe artichoke, iron, magnesium, and hydrolysed collagen, I know I'm getting all the essential nutrients I need in one convenient shot.”

Carl Gough
Founder & CEO, meetmagic

A Must-Have for Health Enthusiasts

“The special blend provides a comprehensive approach to wellness. The sustainable packaging and natural flavours align with my values. Highly recommend for fellow health enthusiasts!”

Patryk Dykas
Mechanical Engineer

Perfect for Busy Days

“I can quickly and easily get my daily dose of essential vitamins, minerals, and nootropics without having to worry about taking multiple pills. Plus, both flavours taste great, so I actually look forward to taking it every day.”

Libby Hunter
Project Manager

A Delicious and Convenient Way to Support My Health

“I love taking the Fabulous Moi Daily Super Shot as a quick and easy way to get the essential vitamins and minerals I need to support my health. The zingy citrus flavour makes it a pleasure to drink and I can easily take it with me on-the-go.”

Li-Ray Kin
OC Dragon Boat Racer